HÁDEHAVER BAGS by Sandra Paulo and Bruno Barbosa

hádehaver bags by sandra paulo and bruno barbosa

“dona catarina de áustria” handbag, 27 x 38 x 9cm, 2011, by sandra paulo and bruno barbosa

the hádehaver bags are made manually through the reutilization of plastic caps.this original bags are the result of the experimentation of two
young portuguese architects sandra paulo and bruno barbosa. the industrial character of the plastic caps and their modularity are explored in the way that
it will have a new function and a new aesthetic purpose. through different combinations, type of cap (colour, dimension, texture),
shape and lining (colour variation), we can obtain unique shapes and formats. the purpose is to conceive singular and unrepeatable bags.

hádehaver bags ares divided in four different models, from clutches to shoulder bags. in the final part of the process each bags receives the
name of an important female character of portuguese history, starting with the portuguese queens. this homage will accentuate the singularity of the
bag and it will identify the origin of the design, portugal. as a final product we get a singular, appellative and functional bag which nobody remain indifference.

“dona catarina de áustria” exterior view

“dona catarina de áustria” interior view

“dona isabel de bourbon”, clutch, 18.5 x 29x 5cm, 201, by sandra paulo and bruno barbosa

“dona isabel de bourbon” exterior view

“dona isabel de bourbon” interior view

“dona leonor t. menezes” handbag, 34 x 39.5 x 8.5cm, 2011, by sandra paulo and bruno barbosa

“dona leonor t. menezes” exterior view

“dona leonor t. menezes” interior view

“dona maria I de inglaterra” shoulder bag, 48.5 x 56.5 x 8cm, 2012, by sandra paulo and bruno barbosa

“dona maria I de inglaterra” exterior view

“dona maria I de inglaterra” interior view


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