Marcel Wanders for Alessi

Marcel Wanders Dressed

While at ICFF, I had the pleasure of speaking with Marcel Wanders about his new collection for Alessi, called Dressed.

This artistic tableware has Marcel’s signature written all over it — it’s ornate, intricate, and formal. The collection includes silverware, dishware and glassware in stainless steel, porcelain and crystal. What I like most is that the pieces are mostly bare on the front, or “naked”, but when you flip them over, they are “dressed” for the occasion with an intricate pattern.

Marcel Wanders Dressed

Marcel Wanders Dressed

Marcel Wanders Dressed

Check out the Dressed video created by Marcel Wanders for the Alessi event:


When asked about inspiration, Marcel explained that inspiration is misunderstood. He says it’s not just looking at something and getting inspired. It’s a burning fire inside that wakes him up in the middle of the night.

I asked him about how he designs for other people — how much of himself he injects into each design and how much he considers the end user. He offered a great comparison of a good gift. He says that a good gift isn’t just about getting someone something they will love. It’s about getting someone a present that they love and appreciate that it comes from you. Therefore, Marcel says, “Design is like a good gift – it celebrates the relationship between two people.”

I couldn’t resist — I also asked him about his underwear: boxers or briefs? You know you’re dying to know the answer. Well, in case you were wondering, he goes commando. And then he asked me back. And that’s where this story ends.

Buy Dressed at Alessi’s online shop.

Photos © Marcel Wanders.

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